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Care.Data Programme: Postponed by Government

There is a National Programme being rolled out, beginning November 2013, where general practices will soon be required to supply your Personal and Confidential medical information to the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC).  This information will be taken from the practice in a form that can identify you by NHS number although we are assured by HSCIS that information will be anonymised.  The Practice has no choice but to allow the HSCIC to extract this information.  However, individual patients can instruct their Practice to stop the transfer of their data.  For more information on the reasons for this data extraction go to To opt out you should either download the dissent from or alternatively, write a letter to your GP giving notice that you refuse consent for your identifiable information to be transferred from your practice system for any purpose other than your medical care.  Please ensure you mark your letter Re:  A letter will be required for each individual patient.  Your letter will be scanned into your medical record and your record will be Read coded so that no information can be transferred.

This is different to and separate from the existing Summary Care Record.

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