Granton Medical Centre

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Telephone Lines

Patients regularly inform us that they have difficulty getting through on the telephone especially first thing in the morning.  We have 4 incoming lines and 4 members of staff answering the telephones and dealing with the calls as quickly and efficiently as they can.  It would help us to help patients if the following simple steps could be followed:

  • Avoid ringing before 11.00am for test results
  • Avoid ringing to see if prescriptions are ready.  We guarantee your prescription will be ready for collection after 4 pm on the second working day following receipt of your request.
  • Avoid ringing to check the time of your appointment, an appointment card is given when the appointment is made in the surgery.  If making the appointment by phone please write down the day and time.  If you have a mobile telephone please advise us of the number then text appointment reminders are sent automatically.

Each of the calls above takes time for a receptionist to deal with which lengthens the time that each line is engaged.

Thank you for your help and consideration.


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