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We run all our surgeries by an appointment only system.  Appointment times are on our home page.  GP surgery times vary according to each individual doctor’s clinical and teaching commitments within the practice.  Appointments can be booked up to 4 weeks in advance.

Standard Doctors appointments are 10 minutes duration.  Please have consideration when attending for an appointment, if you take longer than your 10 minutes the doctor is going to run late for the next patient.  When several patients take longer than 10 minutes in surgery the doctor can end up running up to an hour late causing great inconvenience and frustration for patients with booked appointments.  It must be understood that there is always the exception of an emergency situation where a patient requires immediate emergency treatment or transfer to the hospital.

Non-urgent appointments with a GP can be booked and canceled online.  If you are registered for this service, click here.  For information on how to register for online services, click here.

Alternatively, If you wish to make a non-urgent appointment, please telephone or call in at the surgery between 11.00 – 1.00pm where possible or between 2.00 – 4.00pm. This helps to ease pressure on phone lines.

You can expect to see a GP within 2 working days.  We always try to make sure you see the doctor of your choice, but you may have to wait longer if you wish to see a particular GP.

Urgent cases are seen on the day by whichever doctor is available. Please do not claim unjustifiably that you are an urgent case.

Please say immediately if your call is an emergency.

Please tell us if more than one person in the family needs to be seen.  We can offer you a longer appointment if necessary.

Do tell us if you wish someone to accompany you during an examination or a private room to discuss any matters.  Your confidentiality is of the upmost importance to us.  Remember that test results and medical details can only be given to the patient.

Please let us know if you are unable to keep or no longer require your appointment. This will allow us to offer you an appointment slot to another patient.

If you feel you only need advice you may request a telephone call from a doctor.  You will be required to give the receptionist some information as to the reason you are requesting a telephone consultation, this is to allow doctors to prioritise the requests for telephone calls and home visits.

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